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One Trick Cruise Lines Use to Destroy Your Claim: Cruise Ship Passenger Injury Statement Form

Written by Bryan Lozano on . Posted in Cruise Ship Accidents

Cruise lines utilize a number of weapons and shields to maximize their corporate profits at the expense of injured passengers.  Since 1991, our cruise ship personal injury law firm has represented and protected the legal rights of thousands of people hurt aboard cruise ships around the world, and we believe the single biggest and most dangerous trick of the cruise industry is how they misuse the Cruise Ship Passenger Injury Statement Form.

The most common scenario goes a little like this:  Imagine a 55-year-old dentist from Burlington, Iowa, on her first cruise . .

“I am on a cruise, the sun is out, the cool tropical breeze gently flows across the deck, and I am wearing my swimsuit, flip-flops, and have a towel draped across my right shoulder.  In one hand is the latest issue of People magazine, purchased with the intended purpose of reading about Bruce Jenner’s gender transition.

“I am wearing sunglasses, and I would love a drink, something with coconut and one of those umbrellas–I don’t want my drink to get too hot, either.   The next thing I know, I am flying–not that bird-up-in-the-air flight, but the sudden loss of all sense of what is up and what is down.  It happens fast, in the blink of an eye, but each millisecond before impact feels as though I can splice the film microscopically–frame by frame–until I hear a loud thud.  It’s the kind of noise one easily associates with pain, or perhaps it is the other way around, because the minute I hit the ground, I am in pain.

“It takes me a second, though it seems like minutes, to realize where I am.  I forgot that I am on a cruise, on a vacation, out at sea somewhere.  I just feel pain.   I try to get up, but I cannot.  At my side in an instant is a small child, holding a sippy cup and pointing and laughing.  “Funny woman, do that again,” he demands, clearly thinking I must be part of the shipboard entertainment.

“His mother, soon by his side, urges him to stop laughing and asks me, in Mandarin Chinese if I am okay, need help, or . . . I am not sure since I don’t speak Mandarin or even know if it is Mandarin.  A minute or two or ten later, I cannot tell, a Carnival crew member comes with a wheelchair, helps me into it, and pushes me past the rows of sunbaked passengers into an elevator and down to the ship’s infirmary.

“Once there, I am asked my name, medications, and what hurts.  I point to my swollen, black-and-blue right ankle.  X-rays are taken, but I don’t understand the results, and soon, I am being wheeled back to the scene by a burly man who says he is part of the ship’s security team.  He asks me to point to where I fell; I show him, and he wheels me to the side where he hands me a clipboard and pad and pencil and asks me to fill out some paper work.  One of the pages is an innocent looking form that has a small line or two intended for me to explain how and where and why I fell.

“I am in pain, and I don’t understand the form or the reason behind it.  I just want the pounding in my ankle to stop.”

I have sued cruise lines like Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Celebrity, and Norwegian for decades on behalf of people who have slipped, tripped, and fallen during their cruises. This form, or one similar to it, is used frequently by every cruise line as a tool that will later come back and often hurt or destroy a passenger’s claim.

I see virtually every day how a cruise line’s defense lawyer will cross-examine passengers about what they wrote or failed to write on those cruise ship passenger injury statement forms.  They are dangerous and if filled out incompletely or in error, they can deprive claimants in cruise ship personal injury cases of all or most of the compensation they would otherwise be legally entitled to receive.

For that reason, we urge all those who have been injured aboard a cruise ship simply to refuse to fill out a statement form, or even to discuss the issues surrounding how and why they have fallen or how the accident happened until they have had an opportunity to discuss the matter with a lawyer.   We believe that cruise lines should be compelled to administer a Miranda-like warning to injured passengers advising them of their legal rights to seek counsel and the significance of how and why the form will be utilized in the event they bring a claim or lawsuit against the cruise line.

This may seem like too much effort, but a quick and private SKYPE or cell call to an experienced lawyer may make the difference between obtaining fair and reasonable compensation for your accident and receiving less or even nothing.

For this reason, we offer anyone hurt onboard a cruise ship a free and confidential initial consultation–either by phone, SKYPE, Facetime, or email during your cruise or as soon as you arrive in port, anywhere in the world.

We are passionate about holding cruise lines accountable for putting their profits ahead of passenger safety.  One of the most effective ways we can help people obtain the compensation they may be entitled to for lost wages, medical expenses, loss of cruise, and pain and suffering is to intervene as early as possible between them and the cruise ship’s security and investigation team. Clearly, the cruise line employs a team to protect and secure its money; passengers deserve the same level of professional guidance, too.

Pool on Cruise Ship | Aronfeld Trial Lawyers

Drowning on Cruises: 10-Year-Old Girl Drowns on Norwegian Gem

Written by Spencer Aronfeld on . Posted in Cruise Ship Accidents

This week, our Miami passenger cruise ship attorneys are saddened to learn of the drowning death of a ten-year-old New York girl aboard the Norwegian cruise ship Gem. We send our sincere condolences to her family.

The Gem had departed from New York for a seven-day cruise to Florida and the Bahamas.  The ship was positioned about 75 miles east of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, when the Coast Guard was alerted.  The Gem was then sent to Port Canaveral, Florida, where it arrived last Monday. As of today, over a week since the incident, very little is yet known about how the child died.

According to NCL,

… the ship’s medical team responded to an emergency call from the pool deck, as a ten-year-old female guest was reported unresponsive. The team quickly administered CPR and full emergency care. After extensive efforts, the guest could not be revived.

Increased Number of Children Drowning on Cruises

As lawyers who sue cruise lines, like Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Norwegian, and Celebrity, we have seen an increased number of drownings and near drownings of children on cruises.  Sadly, this is not the first time a child has drowned aboard this very ship. Just last year, there were two tragic cases on the same NCL Gem.  A four-year-old boy drowned to death, and his six-year-old friend was med-evaced off the ship by the U.S. Coast Guard.

Earlier this year, a four-year-old Italian boy nearly drowned on RCCL’s Oasis of the Seas.   Ascanio and his family were on a seven-day cruise that had left from Port Everglades, Florida. Luckily, a fellow passenger spotted the boy underwater, jumped in, and pulled him out. Unfortunately, Ascanio had been without oxygen for six minutes.

Some Accidents on Cruise Ships are Preventable

With over 1.5 million children sailing aboard cruise ships every year, it is unforgivable that Carnival, Norwegian, and Royal Caribbean–the three largest cruise lines in the world–do not post lifeguards at any of their swimming pools.  As of today, only Disney Cruise Lines mandates lifeguards.  With the Norwegian Gem employing more than 1,100 crew members per voyage, it is inconceivable that they do not employ lifeguards at their swimming pools.

As a maritime accident lawyer in Miami, I know and understand the importance of parents’ keeping a close eye on their children at all times when on a cruise. Realistically, however, when vacationing dads and moms are distracted by the sun, waves, margaritas, and other shipboard activities and let their guard down for a minute, tragedy can occur, especially around the pools.  The CEOs of the major cruise lines–Carnival, RCCL, and NCL–are urged to put their passengers’ safety ahead of corporate profits . . . today. Employing lifeguards will protect their young and most vulnerable passengers–children–and eliminate preventable cruise ship accidents.

Investigating and Evaluating Your Potential Cruise Ship Claim

Our maritime accident law firm in Miami has represented passengers who have suffered accidents on cruise ships for nearly 25 years.  We fight hard to hold the cruise lines accountable for putting their profits ahead of passenger safety.  If you have been involved in an accident aboard a Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Celebrity or Norwegian cruise ship, most likely your claim will have to be filed here in Miami, Florida, within one year of the date of the incident.  Other cruise lines, like Disney Cruise Lines (Orlando), Princess (Los Angeles) and Holland America (Seattle, Washington), bury other mandatory venue clauses deep in their passenger tickets.

Free Consultation for Cruise Ship Claims

One thing that almost all cruise lines have in common is the one-year statute of limitations. This is time-limit clause that sets forth when and how to protect your rights–or risk losing them forever. Therefore, if you have been hurt during your cruise, I urge you to contact an experienced maritime attorney today.

We offer all injured cruise ship passengers a free initial consultation.  We will help you understand your rights and the strengths and weaknesses of your potential claim.  Bear in mind that not all incidents that occur on or during a cruise are the fault or legal responsibility of the cruise line.   But knowing the difference and investigating the truth is important, and we are here to help you.

Please call us today, toll free at 1-866-597-4529, or email us at  We also offer consultations via SKYPE or FACETIME with one of our experienced attorneys and investigators.

Disney Cruise Ship

What’s Really Behind Your Disney Cruise Line Passenger Contract?

Written by Spencer Aronfeld on . Posted in Cruise Ship Accidents

It certainly is an exciting time for Disney Cruise Line as they soon embark on their first cruise to Norway and Iceland aboard the Disney Magic. The ship will depart from Denmark and circumnavigate the Norwegian Fjords and Baltic over 11 nights.  The itinerary includes two UNESCO World Heritage Sites and aims to capture the stunning scenery and ambiance of the movie Frozen. To further the Frozen theme, Disney characters from the movie will be onboard, too.  Plan on seeing Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, and Olaf roaming the atrium lobby and available for scheduled meet & greets.

The scheduled ports of call will include:

  • Oslo, Norway
  • Kristiansand, Norway
  • Stavanger, Norway
  • Reykjavik, Iceland
  • Akureyri, Iceland
  • Kirkwall, Scotland

What Your Disney Cruise Line Passenger Contract States

Most people who sail on a Disney cruise never realize that Disney has an ever-evolving Passenger Contract.  Currently Disney passengers are subject to Version 9, which states the following in big red letters at the top:


In other words, all passengers are bound to the terms of the contract, even if the passenger is a child. Of course, most people never read the fine print, especially when all the focus is on the fun and excitement of an upcoming cruise.

The Limits to Your Rights

But it is important that people understand that if they or their children are injured while onboard a Disney Cruise Ship, even one that is in Norway or Iceland, they have very specific limitations on their legal rights and ability to hold Disney accountable. Of course the details are all in English and buried deep in the paragraphs of the passenger contract, which is available on line, but not easy to find.

For example, the contract prevents any claim against Disney for emotional or psychological injuries of any kind unless there is a physical component to the injury or the injury was caused by a crew member.  This means one cannot claim damages against Disney simply because one’s child was traumatized by a frightening event, such as witnessing an accident or being bullied, absent a physical trauma.

In addition, Disney requires that all claims must first be submitted to them in writing within six months of the date of the incident.  Failure to notify them in writing most likely would preclude a subsequent lawsuit, which must be filed within one year of the date of the incident, injury, or death of a passenger, and which must then be served correctly upon Disney within 120 days of filing. And if a lawsuit is filed, it must be filed in either Florida State Court in Brevard County or the United States Federal Court in Orlando.

This makes it very difficult for passengers and their families to hold Disney Cruise Lines legally accountable.  Most people we speak to have never been party to a personal injury case and are reluctant even to consult with a lawyer.  Some are surprised to learn that simply being injured aboard a Disney cruise ship does not automatically entitle them to compensation from the cruise line.  First, we have to understand how and why a particular incident occurred.  Not all injuries are cases.  Only those injuries that are caused in whole or part by the negligence or carelessness of Disney would entitle the passengers to compensation.

Next, we have to understand the injury. This can be very challenging when the passenger is a small child.  Often, especially with Disney cruise claims, the injured passenger is a baby or infant.  We do not completely understand the extent of the injury because it may take months or years to fully determine. This is especially true when there is a broken bone in a small child.  Many times the child recovers fully, but sadly sometimes not, especially if the fracture involves the growth plate.

However, under the time constraints imposed by Disney in their passenger contract, we must move quickly to protect our clients’ legal rights. This involves obtaining the CCTV footage of the event (when available) and medical records, as well as notifying and suing Disney in accordance with their time limits.

Contact a Cruise Ship Accident Attorney

If you or your child has been hurt during a Disney cruise anywhere in the world, we urge you to contact our experienced and dedicated cruise ship accident lawyers today for a free initial consultation.  Let our combined years of experience work to help you understand and protect your legal rights.  Call us today at 1-866-597-4529 or email us at