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Spencer Aronfeld

My name is Spencer Aronfeld.  I became a lawyer in 1991, and since day one I have focused all my attention on representing people and their families when they have suffered because of the carelessness of big businesses like cruise lines, insurance industries, hospitals and doctors, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and large corporations who put their profits ahead of people.

My Miami personal injury law firm, Aronfeld Trial Lawyers, and this blog have just one purpose–to provide the best possible representation, information, and advice to those who have been hurt, neglected, and abandoned by big business.  I hope that in the pages that follow, the advice and insight I share will promote both safety and accountability, as well as providing some degree of compassion and understanding for those whose lives have been forever changed by corporate greed and power.

For example, cruise lines, drug makers, insurance companies, doctors, and hospitals all are shielded by a complex and often impenetrable labyrinth of laws that shield them from accountability to those they harm.  The goal of my law practice and in this blog is to expose and sort through the layers of misconception and myth that those entities often hide behind.  The pages that follow seek to demystify that process and exemplify how we provide zealous representation of our clients.

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